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I must be an idealist; because my work seems to revolve around ideal situations (Harmonious settings).

I’ve always been an artist of sorts: While I was growing up I did a lot of sketching, wood burning and photographing. With my wife’s encouragement, I finally put my “Doing Business As” notice in the newspaper in April of 1967. We toured the U.S. with the California Professional Artists Society until April of 1977; when I decided that all the hassles of touring around the country were not only taking up too much of my time; but sapping a lot of my strength and ambition. So we settled down in a small fishing village.

As you will probably notice, I have an affinity for the self-employed commercial fishermen; especially for those working small boats around the coasts of New England, the Chesapeake Bay and Florida’s east coast.
To better understand my subjects, I have, over the last forty five years, personally built and worked two commercial fishing boats. So I do know my subject materially and emotionally.

I have no idea whether astrology plays any part in this; but it is interesting that I was born within a few hours of the chronological center of the sign of Aquarius (The water bearer); and that almost every painting, sketch, photograph or video I have been inspired to create or capture has revolved around water; and, also, that my art has a serene ambiance about it. (The age of Aquarius is: “An astrological era bringing increased spirituality and harmony to the people of the world”.).

Between 1967 and 1994, I painted and sold over 1700 oil paintings and hundreds of fine art photographs. Then I began having major flu-like symptoms and was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Spending long hours in closed rooms filled with paint fumes and caustic darkroom fumes finally caught up with me. More than one doctor told me I should find something else to do. So, I had no choice if I wanted to continue offering my life’s work to the public, I had to learn how to print and sell in that art media.

I took hundreds of high quality transparencies of almost everything I’ve painted, so we’re well stocked with subjects to print. People thought enough of my originals to pay some really decent prices for them; so I feel they will sell nicely in a quality print form.

Being an idealist, my prints are printed with watercolor pigments (not dyes) on an archival rag paper (the finest quality of print available). This combination not only lasts, but keeps its luster for hundreds of years. (There is a water color on rag paper print in Italy that’s dated 1502, and still looks good.)

I also make copies of people’s valuable family pictures, and then I print those copies with watercolor pigments on archival rag papers, giving the owners a family record and heirloom they can pass on for many, many generations to come.

To make my work affordable (the average cost of mounting, matting and framing a 16x20 print today is $124.00), I offer only three tastefully put together sizes of prints, and I do all the printing, matting, framing and packaging myself; using bulk, precut acid free backing, frames and non-yellowing, crystal clear Plexiglas (instead of glass) as these materials ship well and are easy and fast for me to assemble.
The prints themselves are laminated to protect them against humidity and fingerprints (Something that more and more museums are requiring nowadays). Also, my prints are not mounted, but tacked in place by four quarter inch acid free double sided removable pieces of tape, so the print is transferable to another type framing if the patron so desires.

When you order my work, you receive not only a valuable work of art at an affordable price; but a complete, ready to hang picture with a tasteful, but simple museum like backing and framing all at a price that is just a little more than a framer would charge for framing (but, as you’ll see for yourself, no one would guess it by looking at it).

I limit my editions to 250, numbering, dating and signing each on the back of the print before laminating them (so the number can’t be tampered with), and as considered standard procedure, on the matte-backing just below the print.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio; which shows the results of my life’s efforts. I also hope you enjoy my resume which includes comments by some of my patrons.

Chick Allen