I must be an idealist; because my work seems to revolve around ideal situations (Harmonious settings).
I have no idea whether astrology plays any part in this; but it is interesting that I was born within a few hours of the chronological center of the sign of Aquarius (The water bearer); and that almost every painting, sketch, photograph or video I have been inspired to create has revolved around water; and, also, that my art is serene in tone (The age of Aquarius: “An astrological era bringing increased spirituality and harmony to the people of the world”.).
As you will probably notice, I have an affinity for the self-employed commercial fishermen; especially for those working small boats around the coasts of New England, the Chesapeake Bay and Florida.
To better understand my subjects, and give credence to my work, I have, over the last forty five years, personally built and worked two commercial fishing boats.
I hope you enjoy my portfolio; which shows the results of my life’s efforts.
Chick Allen